Friday, 30 May 2014

A weekend with " Scrap N Patch class"


I just wanted share with you a layout I will be teaching at The Scrap N Patch, in Toowoomba this Saturday the 31st.. If you were interested in coming along call the shop on (07) 4687 6888 ..

I decided to create another grid layout or the class as they are so much fun and so easy to add little 
clusters full of odds and ends that you may have laying around your scrap desk.  

Of course  I had to also layer some doilies in there and use some pretty coloured sequins ♥

I would love to see you there..

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii xx

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A weekend with " I Love you "


Well a little while a ago ( I am 99% sure it was in February ) I was lucky enough to create an article for Scrapbooking Memories Magazine for their " Mastering the Art" article. I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to create an article about watercolours. I you know my work , lately I have watercolour on there somewhere!! My layout does not feel complete if there isn't a little touch of watercolour on there somewhere. I made two layouts and today I though I would share the first one with you. 

I love you by Bernii Miller

 I used a much older photo of my daughter Abigail as I really trying to scrapbook those little photos that I love so much. She just turned 6, so looking back at this photo makes me so nostalgic. 

I used a lot of Maggie Holmes collection on this layout, as I just adore all the pre made embellishments that saved me so much time.. They all just work so well together and adding in a few extra items from my own stash worked so well...

I love you by Bernii Miller

For all of my water colouring, I ALWAYS apply gesso in the back ground. I find by doing this it adds a little extra interest and depth but most importantly it stops the paper from buckling, as I do not use watercolour paper to scrap on . So I tend to use templates and masks so that I can get a slight pattern in the back ground . Although on this pink coloured paper , the gesso has become quite apparent which I really love. 

I love you by Bernii Miller

I love using clusters on my page , and even more so when there is pretty girly colours involved, especially Maggie Holmes girly ♥ 

I love you by Bernii Miller

Thanks so much for dropping by and I would LOVE to see some of your water colour layouts.. Link me to them please in the comments so I can take a peek. 

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii xx

Saturday, 24 May 2014

weekend with " WOW - Masters Challenge"


Well I can share with you this morning another layout I created for my Scrapbooking Memories Magazine Masters Challenge as the new issue has been issued. I was sent some pretty little plastic templates and some chipboard pieces and was asked to at least use one of each. 

So this is a layout you can see in Volume 16 No 10, and I decided to use the rose template . I firstly applied it using some gesso, then water coloured over the top, and THEN I went back and traced roughly around the template to make the rose's stand out. 

I love this technique and look forward to trying more of that..

I then simply used some older gold embossing powder for all the chipboard pieces .. Then to make the doily match the rest of the layout , I sprayed it with some Heidi Swapp colour shine.. LOVE that spray!! 

I then dug into my BoBunny flower stash and by seam binding tape to create a couple of flower clusters around my photo. 

You can see by outlining the rose template it does not get lost and look like just blobs of paint in the back ground. 

To glue all of my blossoms and chipboard down I use the E6000 glue. It is a very heavy duty glue and not archival safe ( not that I can see) but I can guarantee once you use this glue on a product it is never going anywhere. Nothing worse then flipping through older albums with bits and pieces all falling off all over the place. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I love reading your comments. 

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii xx

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A weekend with " BoBunny Autumn Song Mini Album"


Well I throught today I would share with you a little extra mini album I created with my BoBunny stash. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this collection a while ago from BoBunny although at the time it was Spring here in Australia, and to be honest last Autumn I totally missed the boat and never got any pictures of the children playing in the leaves, or the pretty trees that change into the most amazing and magical colours!!   

But I changed that this year and you can read about that HERE.

You may want to go and grab a warm drink as this is photo heavy and full of BoBunny goodness ..

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

I love a good ol' chunky mini album!! I love feeling the textures and adding in little bits and pieces that keep you looking around a lingering that little bit longer. 

I LOVE the rich earthy tones in this collection so new that hints of gold through out the album would work really well... SO I started by created the clothes pin, by dipping it in glitter and then adding the " you" stamp from the Bobunny You're invited stamp set. 

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

I made sure that I mixed up all the different size photos to help keep a little different interest throughout. Although to keep a uniform look through out I used the Autumn Song stamp set with some gold embossing powder and the musical note stamps also.

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

I honestly love the really rich colours in this album and they really made my photos pop. Which is exactly what a scrapbook collection should do . Enhance your photos and the stories that lie behind them. 

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Then to add some extra interest into the chipboard album and add some extra real estate to add another photo or two, I used the new BoBunny Kraft bags , punched a couple of holes in it and then decorated on both sides. I love how it turned out!! 

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Adding a little bling and some ribbon even on a boy page can totally work..

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

My son has a huge habit at the moment of putting his hands in his pockets and it makes me so happy how he wants to imitate his fathers traits. Make my heart smile that little bit more. 

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

The next couple of pages are my favourite in the whole album , due to the photos that I was able to capture of my two little babes.. After all the fighting they did while trying to get some decent photos, it was worth it for the next couple of photos. And the the album background matches perfectly to the photos. 

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

To finish off the album I used more of the rich BoBunny blossoms and the newer wood veener clock pieces.

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Bernii Miller Autumn Song Mini Album

Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to look through my album and I do so love to read your lovely comments..

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii xx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A weekend with " Creative Scrappers Design Team"


Well I am super EXCITED to share with you that it was announced over on the Creative Scrappers blog that I will be joining their design team or their next term. I LOVE a good sketch and the challenge it brings and Kristine certainly knows how to create them!!

I am amoungst very talented ladies who I know I will enjoy creating alongside..

Can't wait to share you the first soon :) 

Till next time 

Much love
Bernii xx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

A weekend with " March- Polly! Scrap PL kit"


Well I have been playing with the Project Life catch up lately.. I keep wondering why I am all behind and then I realise it is because I like to print my photos in bulk lots from the photo processor as I really do worry about printing at home sometimes.. I often worry as they are printed so fast and wonder what their shelf lie will be like...

So I have 12 weeks worth of photos printed so now I am madly scrapping and really love it..

So for this week 2 spread I used the Polly! Scrap March kit.. Ruth has once again pulled together a bright and cheerful kit with the latest product straight from CHA , including the Simple Stories DIY collection, and the EXCLUSIVE Amy Tangerine acrylic tags!! Yup totally cool!!

So I am making more effort to this year to actually document more of me.. More selfies ( yikes) and more general going on's of me and not just the kids .. I looked back over last year's album and as much as I loved it , I was no where to be seen..

I am even documenting my not so good moments also this year.. That is life isn't it :) 

Currently the Polly! Scrap Project Life kit is sold out, although if you interested in joining up there is a wait list that you can be popped onto too :)

Till next time

Much Love 
Bernii xx

Saturday, 17 May 2014

A weekend with " BoBunny Misc Me "

Helloooo there :) 

Welcome Welcome to another Misc Me spread that I made for the BoBunny blog ) 

This week I decided to dabble into my Modern Misc Journal Card set and use it as the base of the Misc Me spread. I love a cohesive look in my spreads so I also used only the Modern Miss embellishments and added in some twine from my personal stash. 

I used the brand new BoBunny Misc Me 12 x 12 page protectors and I love some of the new combinations like the one below. It is different to anything I have seen and I certainly love how I was able to create a mini layout to show off my sunset picture.

To help keep the cohesive look through out the two layouts I used the alpha's from the Modern Miss Cardstock and Combo sticker sheet to create little titles on each of my cards. I love doing that as it gives a little glance as to what that moment is about, with out having to read all of the journalling. 

I hope you have found some inspiration today and hope that you too will find some time to dig into your Misc Me layouts. 

BoBunny Supplies: 
Stickers: Modern Miss Combo Sticker; Modern Miss Cardstock Stickers ; Modern Miss Layered Chipboard Stickers ; 
Noteworthy: Modern Miss
Buttons: Modern Miss
Brads: Modern Miss
Chipboard: Modern Miss
6 x 6 Paper Pad: Modern Miss
Misc Me Contents: Modern Misc Journal Box set
Misc Me Page Protector: 12 x 12 Page protector Variety Pack
Washi Tapes:  Modern Miss

Till next time 

Much love 

Bernii xx

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A weekend with " Autumn is HERE .. Finally"


Well I must say I am a little miffed at what is going on in the world in the weather department.. Winter is officially meant to start here in only two weeks and I have hardly put on a jumper!! As I read blog and watch facebook of all my scrappy friends in the Northen Hempishpere it seems that winter was hanging around for wayyyy to long and Spring was taking it's time to make an appearance. 

I live in the gorgeous sunny state of Queensland here in Australia, although I live in a town called Toowoomba which happens to be notoriously known for how chilly it is here! We also tend to feel the 4 seasons here so I have been impaitenlty waiting for Autumn to arrive as I have been wanting to badly to get some photos of the kids..

So on the weekend we went for a drive and noticed that the leaves had finally started to change colour..We spotted this little park up near our local television station and decided to go and check it out and throw some leaves around..

It started of really well, until Abigail got an eye full of dirt which she gave herself as she threw up some leaves..ha ha . That was certainly not part of the plan!! 

Then when I wasn't trying to get dirt out of Abigail's hair or eye, I was playing referee between the two kids.. there was the usual..

♥ S/he is looking at me 
♥ S/he is sitting to close to me and touching me 
♥ S/he is copying me 
♥ I need to go to the loo right now
♥ I want a drink of water .. RIGHT NOW..

You know.. just the usual!! 

Yep it was all turning out just as I had planned ( not) .. Then just as I was about to give up ( those other blogs make it look so easy and glamourous) Abby yelled out to me and I snapped this picture.

To say that my heart did not swell in love a hundred times over right at that exact moment would be a lie. You know as scrapbookers , and I am sure photographers we always strive for that one picture that we just know encapsulates the moment or feeling we want to capture.. Well this was certainly mine.. 

So for all the fights, tantrums, dirt in the eyes and the demands of a loo and drink break, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat just to be able to get another picture like this again...

Till next time 

Much love 

Bernii xx 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A weekend with " New class at the Scrap'n" Patch"


Have you got old rub ons laying around somewhere in your stash ?? What about some of those Jolee 3D thinga ma bobs ?? I know or a fact almost all of us do !!! 

Well I am teaching a class at my local scrap store to show how you can start to use up some of your older stash with a new twist on them.. and to perhaps get you looking at your older products in a new way..

I even dug around in my mixed media tub and pulled out some of my older crepe paper !! 
Ahhh love it when I can use so much older stuff.

So if you are interested in coming along then contact the Scrap 'n' Patch as I would LOVE to see you there..

Till next time 

Much Love 

Bernii xx

A weekend with " Aqua PL WINNER"

Hellooooo ..

Well a drum roll is in order ...........

I read through all your lovely comments and stumbled across smarite_69's comments ( not or the name ha ha ) but Smartie your story is EXACTLY mine.. Project Life is the reason I am back into my scrappy ventures and I am so grateful that it is helped to lift my scrappers guilt, and the feeling of being overwhelmed at how I would even catch up and record all those past memories and moments. ..

Here is her comment: 

How super fantastic to get to the party the way you did!!
I love PL as it's manageable (and so so pretty!). I started journaling when DS was born (6 yrs ago) but it was very text heavy and I ultimately ran out of time to keep it up ... so a big gap of 4 years now :-( BUT PL is the perfect solution and I know I'll get back on top of all my journaling but with much more interest using more pics. It is so doable and now I feel I will have the time (and fun) of recording our life and his journey, rather than being sad that I never did anything!

So a HUGE thank you to all of you or taking the time to leave a comment and to join my little blog.. So smartie _69 when you are free can you please email me at when you are free..

Till next time 

much love 
Bernii xx

Saturday, 10 May 2014

A weekend with "Becky Higgins Project Life party"


*** Just a note.. grab a coffee or tea and get comfy , this is a photo heavy post ***

Well after all the comings and goings of the National Scrapbook day I thought I would finally catch up and share about my fabulous day at the Becky Higgins Project Life party..

So I knew for a while ( and so did the whole of Australia) that Becky Higgins was coming to Australia with Heidi Swapp for a Spotlight tour. Yup I know for sure that I and half the nation were pretty darn excited about this!! Soooo when Becky announced that through Craft House ( a Project Life distributor) that she was going to throw an exclusive Project Life party , I was over the mood kind of excited.. you know the kind ??

But then as life would have it or me I was unable to financially afford to go , as the part was a state away in Sydney. Bummer...

But then a silver lining happened... Jot magazine run by the super talented Kim Archer were actually giving away ticket to one lucky winner.. I entered and WON. woot woot.. I would be lying if I said I did not cry when I read the email from Kim.. I was having a really tough week and this was just amazing and so timely or me !! 

I knew that one of my very good friends Marissa was going to the party so I was even MORE excited that I was going to have a girlie day out with her!! She is one of the most beautiful souls around and is so inspiring in every way to have around.. 

So our day started with a SUPER early start.. 1 am or me to make the 5am flight from Brisbane , and I swung past Marissa's place to whisk her away at 3 am..

Don't we look fresh for a 3am start :) 
The flight it self was really fast and to watch the sunrise from up in the sky was something else.. just stunning.. 

Then as we flew into Sydney airport Marissa and I met up with a bunch of other awesome Project Lifers that I was so lucky to meet through the Project Life Australia Facebook group.. 

Such an awesome bunch of ladies.. 

The wheels on the bus go round and round.. Thanks so much Beth or the photo :) 

The bus ride there was totally full of excitement and laughter and then I must admit I got annoyed by the HUGE turn out of Sydney morning traffic... YUK... it could not end soon enough.. 

We made it to the party just in the nic of time which was the most important thing and I was so grateful and excited to meet Kim Archer ( in the middle) and Lisa Pate.. both from Jot Magazine. 

These two ladies were totally my kinda jelly... I did little scrapping and more laughing than anything at these two!!! 

I was also really lucky to meet up with Ruth Bonser from Polly! Scrap kits.. She is also totally my type of Jelly.. I am so lucky that she has become a good friend of mine through this amazing scrapbooking world!! 

Photo credit to Ruth Bonser

The room was full of inspirational ladies on all different paths of the Project Life journey but it was sure evident that we all had the same underlying commitment to " Cultivate a Good Life" and to document that .

Becky was ever gracious and made sure that she took the time to come around to each and every single one of us to have a chat and of course to snap a photo or two. 

Through out the day she shared with all of us her story and her philosophy behind why she started Project Life.. I aint going to lie again as I did shed a tear or two at how much her story resonated with me and why I also choose to document my life..In a nut shell ???? Because my story is worthy of sharing and documenting.. 

I had a fabulous day and walking away from the day made me love what I do even more so..

 I literally found "my people" that day!! You know the ones that fill your heart with happiness, get what you are about and share the same loves and passions ???? yep they are your people.. grab them surround yourself with them.. I swear ( apart from my family) " my people" make my life so rich and full!! 

Lastly I wanted to share with you a little freebie that I scored for attending the Project Life party.. The exclusive Aqua Core Kit that I believe is only available to us here in Australia.. 

The cards in this pack are STUNNING.. the colours are vibrant and the quotes are totally inspiring .. I especially the one that says " this too shall pass" ..sigh I need to remember that a lot..

Because I know some of you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on this exclusive kit I have decided to give away 2 partial mini kits pulled from my core kit.. I will guarantee that each little kit will come with at least one card from each set.. :) So how to win this prettiness I hear you ask ????

Well one of three ways.. yep 3 chances to win ( odds are pretty darn good)..Here are the deets.. You can do one or all of the steps.. the more you do the more chance you have of winning..

1. Leave a comment on this thread and tell me why you love project life so much..
2. Become a follower of my little old blog... I have links on this side >>>>>>>>>>> to where you can join up..
3. Follow me on Instagram and tell me there also why you love Project Life also.. ( I will have a picture of this giveaway  on my feed that you can comment on..

GOOD LUCK and I will be back on Monday to announce the winner.. ( Oh and this is open to all the internationals) 

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii xx

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