Paper Bunting :

I have a little easy tutorial on how to create this paper bunting :) 
You can see the full blog post HERE 

Now to create the triangle banners/bunting, I firstly created a template using one of my older carstock pieces that I know I will never use..
  •  I measured across the top 7 inches and cut the card stock to make a rectangle. 
  • I then made a mark in the middle of the top at 3.5 inches and then measure down that line 8 inches. 
  • Then from the bottom of that middle line , match the lines up to the corners of the top line. So one line will match up from the bottom of the 8 inch line to the top 1 inch point, and then the other will go from the bottom of the 8 inch to the top of the 7 inch . This will make a triangle,
  • Then cut that out to create your template :)

Then to make the pin-wheels. 
Now I will tell you these will become addictive as they are so easy to make. 
For my bunting I used two sizes of pin wheels. A larger 4 x 4 in pin-wheel for the centre of the bunting and then tiny little 2 x 2 inch pin-wheels what i stapled to the ribbon in between each bunting. 
Here is a little step by step tutorial ..
  • Lay out your 6 x 6 paper pad and trim down to a desired square size. So let me show you a 6 x 6 one or this tute..
  • From each corner ( usually on the underside so you do not see the pen marks) draw a line in from each side directly to the middle. I went in 4 inches.
  • Then go around and cut the lines. 
  • Then folding in from the outer edge to the middle , use a tiny attacher to staple down the outer edge to the middle. Make sure that you keep folding in the same outer corner to the middle. 
  • Then once all your outer edges are stapled into the middle you can glue a gem , button, or perhaps another smaller pin-wheel to the centre. 
  • I also added some glitter tips to the ends of my pin-wheel, simply using some glassy accents and sprinkling on chunky glitter. 

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