Monday, 30 September 2013

A weekend with " BoBunny" Autumn song cards


Well well well... 

September this year has just been so insanely busy!! We all have those times in the year that the family calendar is full of "to-do's" all month long and this month has been one of those for me! Luckily I am a stickler for writing things down as I am sure I would have forgotten something along the line.. 
This month is also very busy full of birthdays and holidays in my family so of course I prefer to make my cards for family rather than buying them.. So I whipped up a couple of cards in no less than half an hour for the two of them. I LOVED that I could do that so fast and make such a gorgeous card that will be cherished rather than just added to the pile of bought cards... So I decided to scrap lift my other BoBunny layout from the start of the month.. I based my first card on the layout and then also used scraps from that layout which  REALLY cut down on time... 

♥ All products used are from BoBunny ♥

And here is the layout I based it on .. 

Then using the left over scraps again I decided to make another card , but this time in a much simpler style. Sometimes we have people in our lives that appreciate hand-made cards but prefer it to be on the "down low" ha ha.. I know you all know some of those people!! 
So this is why this card was made...

Well I am off for a much need little getaway for a few days and then life should settle down more .. Which means more time too behind my scrapbooking desk which I am sooooo looking forward too ..Until then ..

Much love
Bernii xx

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  1. Your cards are beautiful! I love your designs Bernii! Enjoy your getaway!!


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