Friday, 31 May 2013

A week with " PL week 8"

Well I have had another fun week playing a little catch up with my Project Life this week..

This week I set myself a little challenge and decided to use he new Lucky Charm line, which at first glance looks like quite a feminine line. But because I had lots of pictures of my son and a couple of my husband , I tries to make it more masculine . I had to use a few other bits and bobs, like wood veener and enamel dots,  but the majority was based on just this collection!

I also tried using a different page design as I had so many photos again this week, and I could not bear to not include anything. I even added in an extra insert, to accommodate them all!! I LOVE it though and LOVE that all these " everyday" happenings are being recorded.. 

The left hand side of the page using the Design A page protector. ♥

I had so many pictures , I added in an extra insert.♥ 

The other side of the insert, showing off and awesome paint along that I took part in . 

The right hand side of the page and using a new page format too , to hold all the pictures. ♥

I used some Studio Calico cards to help "fill" in some pockets ♥

A peek at how the week looks as a whole ♥
Much Love
Bernii xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A week with " Big Star lovin' "

As the title suggests, I have had some BIG STAR LOVING of the scrapbooking kind!! Yup yup yup!!

It started about 2-3 weeks ago , when a facebook friend of mine, messaged me to ask me if I had seen Heidi Swapp's twitter feed.. Well I have never had a twitter account, but I can tell you know that I signed up very fast indeed!! ha ha. I was so excited to see that Heidi Swapp herself had posted about this little old blog    in relation to my Heidi Swapp adventure class, which you can check out the start of here. I managed to grab a screen shot ( can you tell I am a little excited) 

 Then I was TOTALLY blown away when she shared again the start of my Adventure album on her actual Facebook page!! Talk about being on cloud 9!! Here is a lady that I have admired for the last 10 years or so , and have watched her grow and evolve through the industry , commenting and sharing my work with thousands of people. 

So THANK YOU to Heidi for taking the time to share my love of scrapbooking with everyone ♥♥

This has given me a surge of inspiration and motivation, to keep going and do what I love!! I even managed to whip up some layouts for International scrapboking day, through Big Picture Classes,  that I am really proud off and managed to to even score a lovely comment from the founder and owner of Big picture lasses Stacey Julian..WOW

Phew what a trifecta to say the least!!  

Much Love 
Bernii x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A week with " In the mood to scrap".

Well today has been a super busy getting my scrap on and managed to complete two layouts!! Now I could not have done them so fast if it was not for the "In the mood to Scrap" videos over at Two Peas in a bucket! If you have never seen the videos, so yourself a favour head on over and take a look around. There is a heap of FREE classes and videos to inspire an motivate you. So when I saw the video from Wilna using the new Maggie Holmes paper, which I have a little off, I knew I just had to create a similar layout. I pretty much followed her LO, although I minused the journalling and moved the collage to the middle of the page, not so much off centre.

Using the BEST FRIEND stamps from Give a girl a blog ♥

Much Love
Bernii xx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A week with " OUR TRIP .. An Amy Tangerine Day book "

Helllooooo :)

Well last night I finally finished my very first day book!! It took me a few months to complete ( I am not really sure why) , and with all the gorgeous products it was so easy to pull together. lately I have found that I am gravitating more towards scrapping with complete collections to make my scrapping easier. I am so time poor at the moment that working  this way has really made it easier and faster to get memories down , instead of spending my time looking for the "right" embellishment or paper.
 I used Amy Tangerine products that I picked up some time ago from my local Spotlight , and I literally bought one of everything that they had available ha ha .. If you have been eyeing off these little day books, grab one and have fun!! 

BE WARNED: Photo overload xx

Seam binding ribbon added to the binding for some added interest.

I made some pin wheels using the Jenni Bowlin punch that I grabbed form Polly Scrap Kits store. 

I through the book and added borders to he pictures to help them stand out. 

Love the pockets in the book that allow for memorabilia to be added :) 

I LOVE this picture of my daughter and me :)

I added a few bows to the book for added interest by using some Seam Binding. 

I love clustering and adding the little details through out the book. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to take a look ♥

Bernii xx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

♥♥Project Life Week Blog Hop with Life, Paper, Scrapbook ♥♥

Today, I am SUPER SUPER ( ahhhhh heck one more) SUPER excited to be talking , sharing and hopping about Project life!! 

If you are here THANK YOU, and if you found me from Amanda's blog you are hopping on the right track!! 

I was a asked by the lovely Manda from Life Paper Scrabook to share my passion and love about Project Life with all you lovely ladies.. So I really do hope that you enjoy my blog post! So if you have not done so grab a cuppa , and some yummy biscuits, and enjoy xx

So I am very very new to Project life but have been srapbooking for about 12 years now!! In those 12 years , I am very ashamed to say that I was a conessiour  of product collecting and hoarding and very little actually scrapping!! My reason ? Well scrappers guilt mainly!! I was over whelmed with what to scarp  and trying to stay in chronological order. I had my daughter 5 years ago and I was determined to stay on track , but very quickly was overwhelmed again, as I was taking wayyyyy more photos then I had time to scrap! So then nothing was getting done as it was all too much!! Welcome scrappers guilt!!  Then my son was born 2 years ago and I started then too, but then felt guilty if I was scrap a LO about him, and then not my daughter... but hang on what about me ? ( ohhh you know you want yo go back and sing that .. ha ha ) Soooo when I stumbled across Project Life I was so excited and relieved to find something that would relive my guilt , get those memories down and allow me to scrap again with enjoyment and for fun!! I have had so much fun taking photos and making notes and LOVE seeing what goes on week to week!! In fact I have recorded more just this year alone, as opposed to the last 5 years of my scrapbooking!! Now that is saying something!

Recording these memories and taking photos for me is a breeze with 2 kids , BUT there have been times when I have , literally forgotten to take photos, as I have been sooooo busy ( or not really). So I wanted to write about what to capture when these time happen and you need "fillers" in your weekly spreads. 


There are two options here that you can take ( in my opinion) , either you can use filler cards, that usually have sayings or pictures , like the ones from the Bekky Higgins kits, or if you are like me and love photos, you can fill your week with pictures from around your home!  But before I talk about photos, here is an example of a filler card I made for week 3 , about watching a movie that I absolutely  love! So easy to do and worked out to be a great "filler " card. 

Then for another week I need a 6x4 filler card, so I asked my daughter to draw me a picture, and she drew me this AWESOME ( a little biased here) dinosaur!! Perfect filler card again! She just learnt to draw rainbows so that too will become a filler card! 

But if you are after photos, to perhaps keep balance in your weekly spread, then you need to look no further then inspiration from around your home. I have made a list of load of ideas, of things that we are used to using in our everyday life, but might not necessarily be the " everyday" in a few years time. I hope that some of these ideas, will become great "fillers" in your layouts!!
  1. Your house ( get outside and snap away)
  2. Your car
  3. Your child's car seat ( espcially the baby capsuals)
  4. A magazine or book cover, of what you are reading right now. 
  5. Child's favourite toy right now. 
  6. a picture of your favourite necklace around your neck, or ring on your finger. 
  7. View from a window in your house, looking out. 
  8. your street name sign. 
  9. Your pets. 
  10. Your "local" shops! I guarantee in a few years the shop fronts will change ,so this would be good to do in a few years again. 
  11. A picture of your mobile phone. A picture of you logged into facebook! This might seem silly now, but a few back no one knew about facebook. An one remember Myspace ??
  12. A picture of your licence ( especially the older style one, as they are changing now to the new style), even bank cards, and if you still use a cheque book take a photo!!
  13. Your made bed. 
  14. What is on your bed side table right now.
  15. Picture of your fridge! Yup open the door and snap a pic of what is inside. 
  16. Favourite shoes. especially if they are fashionable right now!! you might giggle at this pic in a few years time. ( Spice girl shoes, might make a come back ha ha ) 
  17. Painted fingernails. 
  18. A screen shot of your contacts list. 
  19. Perfume bottle. The one you use right now!! ( Brute or old spice any one ?)
  20. Weekly shopping docket . 
Ok , so that is a healthy little list that you could use to help "fill" your weeks, when you are little down on the photos for a week. The beauty too of technology too, is that most mobile phones have cameras, so you should be able to take these photos right away!! 

THANK YOU again for taking the time to be here and if you have any odes to add to the list, please leave me a comment so I can add to the list xx

Please now take the time to head on over to Ali Moloney's blog here, and show her some bloglovin' ..

If  you have just joined then these other fabulous ladies are also in the hop 

Kellie Winnell -
Bernadette Miller -  [YOU ARE HERE]

Monday, 6 May 2013

A week with " International Scrapbooking Day"

Yep you betcha!!
A day to celebrate all things scrappy.. paper, embellies , friends and most importantly celebrating all forms of memory keeping .. So to celebrate , I took time on Sunday to to complete a couple of challenges firstly from Big Picture Classes as they are due fairly soon and then I will tackle some more from Two Peas and Studio Calico.. 

So for the following two layouts I used the March A piece of cake designs kit, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED!! Raquel puts together the most amazing kits which are just so easy to scrap from and there is still a kit or two left in here shop here.. I only needed to add minimum embellishments  form my own stash and am really pleased with how they turned out !! 

For the first challenge I had to use I Statements to discover a new story about myself!! So when I started writing the list, I realised right away , that right now I am LOVING all things craft.. I am always thinking about the project I am doing, the next one I want to create and the many more after that :) So this was really fun to create :) 

Then for the second LO, we needed to use the sketch provided, create a layout about someone or something you love. So it was a no brainier for me, as I used these adorable photo's I managed to snap of my children, using my i phone one afternoon!! How awesome is technology?? seriously ?! I would have missed this photo opportunity if I had to come inside and grab the camera .. 

I played around again using more of the March kit from A piece of cake designs, and used the new Texturez paint from Shimmerz Paint.. I managed to purchase these in a few colour ways from  Sassy Scrappers and I know Any who here is the LO..

Thanks for taking the time to be here and I hope you enjoyed it

Bernii xx

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