Thursday, 2 October 2014

A weekend with " I have a flower crush going on "


Well I am still on school holidays here with the children for the Spring and I tell you know the weather has been completely magical! The flowers are in full bloom here in Toowoomba and totally inspiring me to create and craft with flowers.. So I did :) 

I have always loved flowers on layouts, although I do prefer more brighter variety. Sometimes they are hard to find, so I find making my own now a little easier to get the colours that I am chasing. Plus I love the process of playing with paper ..

So I with all the gorgeous gardens around I was super inspired to recreate my own layout with lots and lots of flowers.. 

Here is a sippet of just one of the garden beds you can find around town to celebrate the Carnival Of Flowers..  It is truly spectacular and just so darn pretty everywhere you look.. It is these Ranunculus too that have become my favorite flowers and I decided based on this picture to make my own layout.. 

So I took the inspiration  from the colour, but mainly from the layer upon layer and the fluffiness of the flower itself.. So so pretty.

So I dusted of my cuttlebug and pulled out some of the baby girl MAMBI pocket pages cards and got to work on creating some flowers. I used the Pocket Pages cards as it had the most variety of the patterns and colours within the same range. So all the hard work of coordinating was already done for me . 

ABC layout by Bernii Miller using MAMBI Pocket Life pages.

I had so much fun creating a variety of shapes and sizes of flowers. I even managed to drag out some older brads and use them up finally.. Gotta love when that happens!!

ABC layout by Bernii Miller using MAMBI Pocket Life pages.

I added a soft wash of pale pink watercolor to the background to just a little more " girly ness" to the layout.. 

ABC layout by Bernii Miller using MAMBI Pocket Life pages.

ABC layout by Bernii Miller using MAMBI Pocket Life pages.

I LOVE how this layout turned out and will certainly be creating more flowers for layouts and cards.. I am now under the influence and can not be blamed for what may come :-/

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope the season is beautiful in your part of the world also.. 

Till net time 

Much love 
Bernii xx

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  1. The flowers at the moment are stunning and the colors are amazing too! Love the flowers you created and pretty layout! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!


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