Friday, 19 December 2014

A weekend with " Wild Storm + Open Scrapbooking Window = well you know what!! "


Well yesterday we were hit by a storm here in the evening.. All day it was incredibly hot so I gathered up the kids, went to Target to buy a slip n slide and then headed into my sister in laws place to let all the kids play together to get some relief. 

They had a blast.. 

My gorgeous Niece Chloe.. She rides the slip n slide like pro!! 

My son Hunter just loving the ride!! 

My girl.. Abigail.. If you now abby then it would make sense why she is going down it this way :) 

My nephew Linc looking super cute ..

Then the clouds really started to roll in so it was literally a race to get home before the rain kicked in.. Well I got about half way home and it was pouring down rain , and it was literally raining side ways!! The wind was so gusty.. 

Then I realised I had left the window right above my Scrapbooking desk open.. 

Oh Lordy.. please have mercy on my scrap gods!! 

I was trying to not think about I was about to get home too !!

But I got home and saw this!! 

Yes I know I have a lot of stuff on my desk - but I need it all you know!!! 

I nearly slipped racing in there as the floor was just a pool of water also.. 

My desk was saturated!!!


So what I learnt is that there is no point in hyperventilating as that really does not help..ha ha.. Instead I grabbed a beer from the fridge a heap of towels and took it as a sign to clean my desk and de clutter .. So I have tossed a heap of " stuff" from the desk and love how much better my space feels already with less clutter...

I have managed to kinda save the layouts on my desk.. They look a little warped but at least the photo and the journaling is still there.. 

So next time I need to make sure that I close the window when ever I leave the place especially in the summer time when storms are more likely to hit..

Thanks so much for stopping by.. 

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii x


  1. Bernii, you handled this like a champion!!!! I live in Moore Oklahoma, home of the biggest tornadoes in the US...when the big storms blow up I can be found in the storm shelter with my tub of favorite papers, scrapbooks and my Cameo! lol You are one amazing lady in my book!

  2. Whoops! Your desk looked very miserable in that photo. Glad that it's been sorted out! :)


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