Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A weekend with " Heidi Swapp - Glitter PL kit"


Well I have been so excited to play with this new Heidi Swapp - Glitter Project Life kit.. I was gifted one of these by my lovely step mother that she grabbed while she was on vacation in America!!

All the cards in this pack are just gorgeous!!!  

This is  snapshot of the layout with the extra insert below.. 

All the cards in this kit work so beautifully together.. 

Although the card below is by far my favourite card ..lol.. yes I am biased but how adorable is that little drawing :) 

I kept this weeks spread really simple, which is not my usual style, but fun none the less.

 This week there are no alpha titles on each card, no outlines around each card and no layering of patterned paper..  Those three things are my staple- my go too for each Project Life layout and I found myself reaching out each time  to add one of those three elements. 

This week it was also mothers day so I also added an extra interest that holds the handmade cards that the kids made for me .. 

I added in another insert with this week as well and kept it super simple.. 

I have the other Heidi Swapp Project life kits so am on a mission to play with them all over these school holidays:) 

Thanks so much for stopping by

Till next time 
Much love 
Bernii xx


  1. I love that you journal so much Bernii, it really is what scrapbooking and PL is all about. These pages are gorgeous.

  2. I love you sharing these with us Bernii! I bought all of the HS/BH project life lines and these are such a jump off point when I get stuck! Thank you for all you do ...Hope you are enjoying your get a way with your family and making memories :)


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