Saturday, 16 August 2014

A weekend with " Wilna Furstenberg Layout"


Well today I have a fun little share with you over on the Wilna Furstenberg blog! PLEASE do yourself a favour and head on there and take a look at the awesome talent that Wilna is. She is one of my scrappy idols and I take so much inspiration from her and the gorgeous art works that she creates! I also love that she also takes the time to journal on her layouts, and proudly so with her own handwriting!! 

I jumped at the chance to create a layout just for Wilna's blog using the gorgeous cut files that are available just in her shop, which you can access through her blog. 

Originally I wanted to make a layout with the new wreath cut file available in Wilna's store, but as I went to turn on my portrait I heard a little pop, and then nothing!! 

Has my heart by Bernii Miller


1. I organised all my cut files into a wreath layout, to make sure I had enough. I then drew a light circle under the wreath as a guide to remember where to come back and glue everything down .

2. I then used my WOW ( words or whatever) rose template with some gesso and painted some roses around the pencil circle that was drawn earlier. 

3. You can just see the gesso roses forming a wreath. These will be the base of our watercolour roses. 
4. Then to figure out what colours to paint the watercolour roses, I laid back all the cutfiles and flowers to make sure I had enough gesso roses painted. 
5.  I then made sure that the photo I was using was going to fit nicely with the wreath.

6. Then it is time to use watercolours to paint the gesso flowers. So it by bit, I slid the cut files and roses off to the side and pained the roses.

7. Once the watercolour is dry , I then went back in some places and added another layer of watercolour to add more depth and interest. 

8. Now to add a more defined look to the back ground, so back and grab your template, and either a number 1 or 2 fine tip pen to outline the roses. This really defines back ground.


9. Then to "rough" up the edges I went back afterwards and roughly drew around the edges.. I like it a little messier as I think it adds a little more depth to the roses. 

10. So this is the final look of the back ground,. This is the time to go back and add more watercolour to parts of the roses if you wish too.

11.  Then finally , start to place back all the cut files and flowers to match the watercolour roses. I also trimmed down my photo in the middle, so that I would have a place to journal. I added my title and started to adhere it all down. I use E6000 glue, which is just amazing. It is a super strength glue which will adhere anything. 


12. Then I added some ink splatters, I find it hard to never add ink splatters. I used a think paint brush dipped directly into the ink bottle and holding it high above the page, just letting it drip in its own time. 

Has my heart by Bernii Miller
13. I then went through and added some smaller splatters, resin flowers and petals to fill out the wreath. I then went and added in my journalling . And done :) 

Has my heart by Bernii Miller
14. All complete :) 

Here are some close up's of the layout.

Has my heart by Bernii Miller

Has my heart by Bernii Miller

Has my heart by Bernii Miller

Has my heart by Bernii Miller

As you can tell I used a heap of different flowers for this layout including BoBunny, Manor House, Flourish with a Bling, Kaisercraft and some muck older petals from about 7 years ago that I have been holding onto. 

I hope I have inspired you to dig out some of your flowers and watercolours and to give this a go also. I would LOVE to see your take if you do , so please link up to your blog in the comments so I can check it out! 

Till next time 
Much Love 
Bernii xx


  1. Good grief, you have far more patience than I have... I'd create such a mess trying to make a gorgeous layout like that. Well done!

  2. You seriously nailed it Bernii. Wilna is a legend on her own, but with you on her blog now too, it's even better!! I couldn't think of a more awesome match! XO

  3. Beautiful! Love the watercolors to paint the flowers!!

  4. Beautiful layout. Love this burst of colors !

  5. Stunning page! Love how you layer flowers over their watercolor counterparts and keep the leaves white for contrast. It works beautifully!

  6. This is absolutely divine!!!! it all works so perfectly together and the colors and the layout of the flowers is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous Bernii! I grabbed that cut file for myself! Love it!


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