Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A weekend with " Scraproom room make over"


This a rather long over due post about my scraproom. I have had every intention to create this blog post,but for  some reason or another I just never got around to it. This was a room clean out I did back in March as I literally got to point where I could not walk into my space without having a heart attack... It felt so overwhelming to walk in there and I clearly got to the pointwhere I just had to much stuff on hand. 

I am lucky that I have a space that I can set up my supplies in ...Although this space is in my walk in wardrobe. So I have to share my space with my dresses and running shoes. It is small butI make it work for me. I am glad that it is small as it means I can have more stuff on hand at close reach.  

So let me show you the mess that was..

These shelves were an awesome steal.. They were a giveaway at the local kindy where I work and as soon as I saw them I thought that they would be perfect to store whole collections in them for with the Design Teams that I work for.

Below is my thickers storage .. ummmm.... I am still trying to figure out if there is a better way to store these bad boys. I have them up right here in colour groups. On these same shelves I also have mini albums that are a work in progress. 

Sigh.. I am not to sure what the  comotion below is. I guess because my space is so small and already so packed to  the brim with goodies., I though the next best plan was to go up. Well I thought that was a good plan.. All it did was create a tower of Project Life goodness that I could not even climb. 

Look away now if your OCD will kick into over drive or you are partial to fainting!! Below is my desk top and where I am MEANT to relax and push pretty papers around. Instead it has become a nightmare of where I shuffle around mounds of papers and embellishments.. ......Sigh.... 

I can't breathe...

And last bust not least this is the space under one of my clothes rack as you can see squished into the left of the photos are some of my clothes. So I have to climb over "stuff" just to be able to get dressed every day.. It is such a pain in the butt!!!

So I did a major cull,although I am sure that I could have gotten rid of more stuff. 
i t makes me almost cry when I see how much money 
I have spent on product that has esentially been sitting in storage in my scrap room.

So below are pictures of how I have organised my room this time around..

So this is the view as soon as you walk into my space. 

I gave a clean out to the shelves below and have kept most of mini album gear here and also kept my thickers here. 

I then re organised my Raskog cart with Project Life cards that I am likely to use. 
although I have not done any PL in so

Then this is the not so glamorous side of the room but this is my wardrobe. My scrapbooking supplies are taking over the clothes..

This is where all the magic happens so to speak. I love my desk , although I do often wish that I bought a white desk as this kinda looks daunting in the dark wood. Although the furniture in my home is all dark so at the time that was the reasoning for buying it. 

It makes me so happy when I can see the top of my desk. Especailly when it is this clean. It makes me want to actually sit and scrap - not run the other way and hide. 

This little white shelf was the best $20 that I have spent for my scraproom. It is perfect to fit all the little bits and bobs that I seem to reach for every time I scrap. 

I have kept this little tub on my desk with some of my latest purchses in hopes that I remeber that 
I have them and might actually use them. 

I went through and sorted these mini alphas by colour and used some really old cardstock that I hade been hoarding as dividers. It was a chance to use older cardstock that I would never use otherwise. 

To the right of where I sit at my desk is a little adhesive bucket. I have pooled all my adhesives here so that they are readily available. 

Below is an old library card drawer that I managed to find at a local quilt exhibition/ market stall day. It was a bargain so I snapped it up right away. I use it now to store my 6x4 Project Life cards by collection. 

I decided to store and sort my paper by collection. 
I found over the years I tend to gravitate more towards only using collections. So I bought this cheap shelf as a temporary option until I can buy another Expedit shelving unit to go here. 

I found these super awesome containers at my local Daiso store so I bought what they had left in the store. I have gone back so many times to try and buy more but it seems that perhaps they are discontinued.. sigh.. that is always the way right ???

As you can see they fir the 12 x 12 papers perfectly. 

Then in the corner of my space and to the right of my desk I have set up a sewing and cutting station with all of my metal dies on hand. 

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking into my tiny scrap space.. I am forever looking at better ways to organise and access my goodies.. but I think that is what all scrapers do right??? organise, then re organise.. 

Well thanks so much for stopping by 

Till next time 

Much love 

Bernii xx

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  1. That is a wonderful scrap space, and it looks great now all organazed! Happy scrapping!


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