Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A week with " Big Star lovin' "

As the title suggests, I have had some BIG STAR LOVING of the scrapbooking kind!! Yup yup yup!!

It started about 2-3 weeks ago , when a facebook friend of mine, messaged me to ask me if I had seen Heidi Swapp's twitter feed.. Well I have never had a twitter account, but I can tell you know that I signed up very fast indeed!! ha ha. I was so excited to see that Heidi Swapp herself had posted about this little old blog    in relation to my Heidi Swapp adventure class, which you can check out the start of here. I managed to grab a screen shot ( can you tell I am a little excited) 

 Then I was TOTALLY blown away when she shared again the start of my Adventure album on her actual Facebook page!! Talk about being on cloud 9!! Here is a lady that I have admired for the last 10 years or so , and have watched her grow and evolve through the industry , commenting and sharing my work with thousands of people. 

So THANK YOU to Heidi for taking the time to share my love of scrapbooking with everyone ♥♥

This has given me a surge of inspiration and motivation, to keep going and do what I love!! I even managed to whip up some layouts for International scrapboking day, through Big Picture Classes,  that I am really proud off and managed to to even score a lovely comment from the founder and owner of Big picture lasses Stacey Julian..WOW

Phew what a trifecta to say the least!!  

Much Love 
Bernii x

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