Friday, 28 February 2014

A weekend with " slowly getting back into my sewing room"

Good Morning!!

Well yesterday I was pottering in my sewing/ scrapbooking room and came across Shnuckylove stock that I had around. I decided to stop my hand-made business to concentrate more on my family and scrapbooking. 

When you own your own business, especially one that is solely based on hand-made goods, it consumes so much of your time and energy and takes away form everything else in your household. If you have a hand-made business you know EXACTLY what I mean ha ha.

Do not get me wrong I LOVED what I did, but in the end I became so flooded with orders it became a chore and my love of sewing was killed... 

So it was really nice to be back in my room looking at my fabrics and finding all the "pretty" treasures I have in there..  It is making me want to get back behind my machine, but this time to do more things for me. 

I really want to make a start on all the pinterest goodies I have pinned, all the patchwork and quilt kits I have tucked away. I think it is time to dust them off and to start crafting again for the pleasure.. I also have a ton of patchwork and craft books that I have purchased with the intention of making something from them, so this year is the year. 

I mostly miss sitting down in my arm chair and just stitching to relax. 

Then who knows maybe one day  I will reopen Shnuckylove , but until then I need to tackle the growing number of kits and "pins" that a growing by the day.. 

Till next time 

Much love Bernii xx


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