Thursday, 27 June 2013

A week with “ finding what I love”

This is week I have been taking the time to curl up in my reading corner next to the fireplace. I LOVE that corner in my house and find it a real treat to sit down for a few minutes and flip through a book or a scrapbook album. I have a ton of new crafting book that are awaiting to be read ( I will share those later) , but I found myself thinking about my scraping style instead yesterday. I have been scraping and crafting for a long time, my father is an artist and my mother has always sewn by hand and with machine so crafting is in my blood ha ha. I also own and run a handmade sewing business which means I get to play with pretty fabrics and notions all day long. (sheesh I LOVE my life) .

Any way I was flipping through some albums and noticed that I kept smiling and lingering over certain pages that I had made in the past. They were pages that were more “artsy” and mixed media-ish in their style. I love the messy free style of feel and layering of random paper and elements from around my home! I actually made an 8x 10 pregnancy album 5 years ago about my daughter and that album has a whole “artsy” feel that I love. The lumpy bumpy feel and textures make me smile and I love flipping through that album!

So I thought I would share with you a few of my older pages and what I love about them.

I LOVE Hambly and have a HIGE stash here that I have been hoarding as it breaks my heart to think I can not get any more. I LOVE the rubons , fussy cutting and paint ♥


I love so many things about this page. I love that this is the first time I did an actually selfie of myself and is one of the very few pictures of myself. I adore all the textures, elements and layering I have managed to use with out distracting from the picture.I also love the title and love how it is all mixed alphas.

Now this layout is not “arsty” at all, but in fact a class I did in Rockhampton years ago with Carole Jansen, the queen of fussy cutting. I have added here as I LOVE the fussy cutting ( and this started my love for it) and I love the layering of the paper to create a 3d flower look. I never ever thought to do that before!! Duh!! This class and layout inspired a lot of what I incorporated into my future layouts.

 I just ADORE this layout.. The more I look at it I love it and I realise it I because of the journalling  paint, transparency and the minimal layering. Oh and because it is also using my favourite designer Heidi Swapp’s goodies.I have pulled out a few more pages and am now displaying them in my scrap space to help me "remember" what I LOVE creating on pages. I think all too often it is really easy to try and follow trends in the industry that sometimes we can lose what we love to do , the key is to try and put your own spin on trends, using your style to do so .

Much Love 
Bernii xx


  1. These layouts do look very tactile and I think you're right about feeling the pages, I notice people doing that on some of mine. I think it's the nice thing about the craft that it can make you feel good and smile by feeling the elements on a page.

  2. What a great idea to go back and look at old pages :-)
    So many special memories here!


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