Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A week with " Project Life cards sorting"


Well last week I was lucky enough to head to Brisbane for the Scrapbooking and Paper Craft expo at Southbank. I had the BEST day EVER!!! Now not for the expo itself, but for the fact that I took my daughter with me to the “city” and had a blast showing her all  the different places. We even took the time to catch a train and she was almost beside herself with excitement ha ha ..

Anyway, I ended up buying the gorgeous BLUSH kit from the Craft House stand at the expo and I am, so glad I did. I have already pre ordered the Honey and the Kraft edition but I always glanced over the Blush edition Seeing it in real life made such a difference as the colours are just gorgeous! So I snapped one up but I have been thinking about how I will store the kits to make sure that I use them. So a discussion yesterday in the “Australian Project Life group” got me thinking and spurred me along to get organised and get my cards out of the kit.

I managed to pick up this container from my local discount store, and grabbed it because of the size and how sturdy it looks. I also LOVE the fact that it has a lid with handle, so I can keep little hands and dust out, and then I can always carry it around if need be. ( You never know where a core kit can travel too )

After asking about a few questions and reading through some posts I decided to sort the cards by colour, but still within their editions. I went through and divided each “group” of 10 cards into half. So that I would have the same card just back to front. As I realised that some of the cards had pink on one side then grey on the other. So by splitting those 10 cards in half I could put some into the grey and some into the pink sections. ( Sheesh I hope that made sense. Here is a picture of how the cards where then sorted.

I sorted them into their colour and then from colour I sorted into journal cards and filler cards. Then it was just a case of putting them into the container with little dividers.

I then just placed the bi fold cards right into the front of  the container, then popped the rest of the cards into the side.

Too finish off I just grabbed a large label to write the kit name on front and TA DA complete!!

I must say I am in LOVE storing the kit this way! I LOVE that the cards are easy to flip through and see and I am certain I will se more of them now.

If you have any more suggestions on storing your cards please share away .
Much Love

Bernii xx 


  1. Looks great. I love the way you turned them half and half. I think I will re-jig mine to do that as well.

    1. Hi there Chris thanks so much ) Yep having them turned around is helping out for sure, other wise I would forget what I had xx


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