Monday, 17 June 2013

A week with "Use your stash" layout.

Well I have an addiction and I am almost afraid to admit it, but I know I am in good company and I have a feeling most of you are in the same boat.

Holy heck it is not just restricted to thickers either, but to all alpha stickers in general in any shape and size. This week I organised my scrap space ( again) and I came across a huge pile of Adornit mini stickers that I totally forgot about! Please don’t judge me. I myself am ashamed and that I forgot about these little cuties , but on the up side I am totally stoked that I found them again as they are the perfect size for my project life layouts.

Any who, I was stalking the Two Peas site and I wandered through their free classes, and came across the “Use your stash” clips, and in particular one focusing on using your thicker stash. PERFECT!!! I literally scraflifted the whole layout as I LOVED it, and I had the whole Dear Lizzy collection here. 
I grabbed these words from the Scrapbook Savvy on line crop as part of their challenge. 

Now I had EVERY intention of using the original LO as inspiration and making it my own, but when I actually sat down to complete it I actually really enjoyed not having to think about he process or what to do next. So instead I treated this like taking a “class” and I am so glad I did as I am now totally inspired to start using up my thickers, of just becoming a connoisseur collector of THICKERS.

Much Love

Bernii xx


  1. love this layout so much, i need to do this too. I love doing layouts with so many alphas on them.

  2. This looks awesome, love how you mixed up your alphas.


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