Thursday, 27 November 2014

A weekend with " Hello - Couture Creations"


Welcome to another Thursday, and my second turn at guest designing for Couture Creations. I just love the versatility of their dies and have had so much fun thinking up all the different ways that I could try and use the dies..  I shared this post over on their blog last Saturday and thought I would share it here with you all also.. 

When I first received the "Splendour" die from the Treasure Collection  I knew straight away that I wanted to create an Ombre card of some sort. It then occurred to me that I should try and use some of the felt that I have had here for some time here to use for various craft projects. I just love being able to find new ways to play. 

Hello card by Bernii Miller for Couture Creations.

I managed to create the card above and then with the left of centre pieces of the die, I created a matching "flower " pen. Below I create a little tutorial showing you how easy and fast it is to create this!! What a perfect little gift to pass out with the card. 

 Firstly I gathered all the leftover centres from the Splendour die .

Hello card by Bernii Miller for Couture Creations.

Next it was time to actually create the flowers from the centres. I used a green thread , as this will later blend in with the leaves that will close of all the flowers. I made sure that the thread was long enough to use through the entire project. 

As you can see from below, I folded the the flower in half, and then pinched in the outer edges and pinched them in towards the centre. I then sewed right through the centre as many times as I could until the flower shape stayed in place. Then without cutting the thread I shaped the next flower and started to also sew that together. In the end I had three flowers all strung together using the same length of thread. 

Hello card by Bernii Miller for Couture Creations.

Then using some of the Couture Creations 2 way glue pen I dabbed the glue till it was runny on the felt flowers and quickly wrapped the pen inside of the felt flowers. I then pulled the thread tight and quickly sewed together the last flowers. This has to be done fast while the glue is still white, as this is the state it need to be in for it to act like a permanent adhesive. 

Once that was dry I cut a simple green strip of green felt, fringed the felt and then sewed ot to the base of the flowers to cover up all my sewing. 

Hello card by Bernii Miller for Couture Creations.

And there you have it.. It was so fast and easy to create and I am sure that that the same could be made from paper. 
I then used the actual felt doily pieces to create the ruffled card. I ran strips of thick double sided adhesive tape to the card and created the ruffle as I went. 

Hello card by Bernii Miller for Couture Creations.

Hello card by Bernii Miller for Couture Creations.

Thanks so much for Couture Creations for having me as their guest designer this month and I am so excited to see what new and exciting dies that have in store just around the corner. I know for me personally I am super exited as I totally have a metal die addiction!! 

Till next time 

Much love
Bernii xx

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  1. Oh I have a die addiction too! and always so many new ones that I HAVE to have..hehe.. love your card and love the flower too!


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