Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A weekend with " Aqua PL WINNER"

Hellooooo ..

Well a drum roll is in order ...........

I read through all your lovely comments and stumbled across smarite_69's comments ( not or the name ha ha ) but Smartie your story is EXACTLY mine.. Project Life is the reason I am back into my scrappy ventures and I am so grateful that it is helped to lift my scrappers guilt, and the feeling of being overwhelmed at how I would even catch up and record all those past memories and moments. ..

Here is her comment: 

How super fantastic to get to the party the way you did!!
I love PL as it's manageable (and so so pretty!). I started journaling when DS was born (6 yrs ago) but it was very text heavy and I ultimately ran out of time to keep it up ... so a big gap of 4 years now :-( BUT PL is the perfect solution and I know I'll get back on top of all my journaling but with much more interest using more pics. It is so doable and now I feel I will have the time (and fun) of recording our life and his journey, rather than being sad that I never did anything!

So a HUGE thank you to all of you or taking the time to leave a comment and to join my little blog.. So smartie _69 when you are free can you please email me at when you are free..

Till next time 

much love 
Bernii xx

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