Thursday, 15 May 2014

A weekend with " Autumn is HERE .. Finally"


Well I must say I am a little miffed at what is going on in the world in the weather department.. Winter is officially meant to start here in only two weeks and I have hardly put on a jumper!! As I read blog and watch facebook of all my scrappy friends in the Northen Hempishpere it seems that winter was hanging around for wayyyy to long and Spring was taking it's time to make an appearance. 

I live in the gorgeous sunny state of Queensland here in Australia, although I live in a town called Toowoomba which happens to be notoriously known for how chilly it is here! We also tend to feel the 4 seasons here so I have been impaitenlty waiting for Autumn to arrive as I have been wanting to badly to get some photos of the kids..

So on the weekend we went for a drive and noticed that the leaves had finally started to change colour..We spotted this little park up near our local television station and decided to go and check it out and throw some leaves around..

It started of really well, until Abigail got an eye full of dirt which she gave herself as she threw up some leaves..ha ha . That was certainly not part of the plan!! 

Then when I wasn't trying to get dirt out of Abigail's hair or eye, I was playing referee between the two kids.. there was the usual..

♥ S/he is looking at me 
♥ S/he is sitting to close to me and touching me 
♥ S/he is copying me 
♥ I need to go to the loo right now
♥ I want a drink of water .. RIGHT NOW..

You know.. just the usual!! 

Yep it was all turning out just as I had planned ( not) .. Then just as I was about to give up ( those other blogs make it look so easy and glamourous) Abby yelled out to me and I snapped this picture.

To say that my heart did not swell in love a hundred times over right at that exact moment would be a lie. You know as scrapbookers , and I am sure photographers we always strive for that one picture that we just know encapsulates the moment or feeling we want to capture.. Well this was certainly mine.. 

So for all the fights, tantrums, dirt in the eyes and the demands of a loo and drink break, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat just to be able to get another picture like this again...

Till next time 

Much love 

Bernii xx 

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