Saturday, 10 May 2014

A weekend with "Becky Higgins Project Life party"


*** Just a note.. grab a coffee or tea and get comfy , this is a photo heavy post ***

Well after all the comings and goings of the National Scrapbook day I thought I would finally catch up and share about my fabulous day at the Becky Higgins Project Life party..

So I knew for a while ( and so did the whole of Australia) that Becky Higgins was coming to Australia with Heidi Swapp for a Spotlight tour. Yup I know for sure that I and half the nation were pretty darn excited about this!! Soooo when Becky announced that through Craft House ( a Project Life distributor) that she was going to throw an exclusive Project Life party , I was over the mood kind of excited.. you know the kind ??

But then as life would have it or me I was unable to financially afford to go , as the part was a state away in Sydney. Bummer...

But then a silver lining happened... Jot magazine run by the super talented Kim Archer were actually giving away ticket to one lucky winner.. I entered and WON. woot woot.. I would be lying if I said I did not cry when I read the email from Kim.. I was having a really tough week and this was just amazing and so timely or me !! 

I knew that one of my very good friends Marissa was going to the party so I was even MORE excited that I was going to have a girlie day out with her!! She is one of the most beautiful souls around and is so inspiring in every way to have around.. 

So our day started with a SUPER early start.. 1 am or me to make the 5am flight from Brisbane , and I swung past Marissa's place to whisk her away at 3 am..

Don't we look fresh for a 3am start :) 
The flight it self was really fast and to watch the sunrise from up in the sky was something else.. just stunning.. 

Then as we flew into Sydney airport Marissa and I met up with a bunch of other awesome Project Lifers that I was so lucky to meet through the Project Life Australia Facebook group.. 

Such an awesome bunch of ladies.. 

The wheels on the bus go round and round.. Thanks so much Beth or the photo :) 

The bus ride there was totally full of excitement and laughter and then I must admit I got annoyed by the HUGE turn out of Sydney morning traffic... YUK... it could not end soon enough.. 

We made it to the party just in the nic of time which was the most important thing and I was so grateful and excited to meet Kim Archer ( in the middle) and Lisa Pate.. both from Jot Magazine. 

These two ladies were totally my kinda jelly... I did little scrapping and more laughing than anything at these two!!! 

I was also really lucky to meet up with Ruth Bonser from Polly! Scrap kits.. She is also totally my type of Jelly.. I am so lucky that she has become a good friend of mine through this amazing scrapbooking world!! 

Photo credit to Ruth Bonser

The room was full of inspirational ladies on all different paths of the Project Life journey but it was sure evident that we all had the same underlying commitment to " Cultivate a Good Life" and to document that .

Becky was ever gracious and made sure that she took the time to come around to each and every single one of us to have a chat and of course to snap a photo or two. 

Through out the day she shared with all of us her story and her philosophy behind why she started Project Life.. I aint going to lie again as I did shed a tear or two at how much her story resonated with me and why I also choose to document my life..In a nut shell ???? Because my story is worthy of sharing and documenting.. 

I had a fabulous day and walking away from the day made me love what I do even more so..

 I literally found "my people" that day!! You know the ones that fill your heart with happiness, get what you are about and share the same loves and passions ???? yep they are your people.. grab them surround yourself with them.. I swear ( apart from my family) " my people" make my life so rich and full!! 

Lastly I wanted to share with you a little freebie that I scored for attending the Project Life party.. The exclusive Aqua Core Kit that I believe is only available to us here in Australia.. 

The cards in this pack are STUNNING.. the colours are vibrant and the quotes are totally inspiring .. I especially the one that says " this too shall pass" ..sigh I need to remember that a lot..

Because I know some of you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on this exclusive kit I have decided to give away 2 partial mini kits pulled from my core kit.. I will guarantee that each little kit will come with at least one card from each set.. :) So how to win this prettiness I hear you ask ????

Well one of three ways.. yep 3 chances to win ( odds are pretty darn good)..Here are the deets.. You can do one or all of the steps.. the more you do the more chance you have of winning..

1. Leave a comment on this thread and tell me why you love project life so much..
2. Become a follower of my little old blog... I have links on this side >>>>>>>>>>> to where you can join up..
3. Follow me on Instagram and tell me there also why you love Project Life also.. ( I will have a picture of this giveaway  on my feed that you can comment on..

GOOD LUCK and I will be back on Monday to announce the winner.. ( Oh and this is open to all the internationals) 

Till next time 

Much love 
Bernii xx


  1. wow jealous...i would have loved to go and meet becky higgins...what an awesome experience and i bet you cant wait to pl the photos.. the reason i love project life so much is, that the system works. its easy, simple and quick if you want it to be or if you are anything like me...gotta fiddle over ever little pl card but i love it and i wouldnt have it any other way...thank god i have a very understanding husband.

    1. ha ha Wildfairy yes an understanding hubby certainly helps.. thanks so much or entering and good luck xx

  2. What an awesome day.....something you will remember forever Im sure! The reason I love PL so much is that it allows me to record all the everyday moments for my 3 boys which otherwise would never be told. Thanks so much for the chance to win this x

  3. Lucky you!!! I sure that email of you winning will go to your PL album :) Thanks for the chance to win this kit.

  4. What a wonderful day you had!! I am yet to start using PL products but am slowly ordering a few things! The Aqua core kit looks gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

  5. What a lovely story Berni, thanks for telling it. Xox

  6. You made me teary my friend! Was so amazing spending this awesome experience with you hun xoxox

  7. WOW - you look like you had a fantastic day.. am slapping myself i didn't get a chance to meet Becky... why do I love PL - well, as I'm not a scrapper - I make cards.. Its perfect for me to get the photos of everyday memories down and add some words and even add some embellishments if it needs it.. i think the fact that its so easy to do without having a huge expense and i guess simplistic as you can put it all down and save your memories :) I just wish it had of been around 25 years ago for my kids.. the great thing is that its around now and i can PL for my kids and the grandbaby on the way :) :)

  8. How super fantastic to get to the party the way you did!!
    I love PL as it's manageable (and so so pretty!). I started journaling when DS was born (6 yrs ago) but it was very text heavy and I ultimately ran out of time to keep it up ... so a big gap of 4 years now :-( BUT PL is the perfect solution and I know I'll get back on top of all my journaling but with much more interest using more pics. It is so doable and now I feel I will have the time (and fun) of recording our life and his journey, rather than being sad that I never did anything!

  9. I love Project Life because it simplifies the process by having a uniform, clean layout. I can keep it as basic as I like with a couple of photos and cards or I can go all out and make every single slot a mini layout in itself, packed with decorations and memories that express who I am. It makes it really easy for me to document my life as it happens whilst keeping it fun and creative. :)

  10. What an awesome experience the party must have been. I love Project Life because it focuses my attention on the good things that happen each week. I used to 12x12 scrapbook, but only ever did events and while they're awesome to look back on, they show my life as on big fun party rather than represent my whole life. I love PL because it represents the ordinary and helps me appreciate the little things more.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful experience of meeting Becky!! Well why do i love PL? Because its easy.. Less fuss, and no rules!! i love that the layouts i make can either be plain, for decked out to the nines.. And i love how PL captures the little things because thats where the magic happens.. xoxo

  12. Loved reading about this! I love how easy PL is for me to complete. I take a zillion pics every week and, until I started PL, I felt like I was drowning in photographs. No longer! My memories are recorded with the added bonus of them looking pretty too! I love Project Life!!

  13. I love the compartmentalized way PL lets you capture and record your memories. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. And I especially love how PL helps you capture the everyday ordinary moments as well as the extraordinary ones!

  14. Completely understand the 'my people' comment. I have friends all over New Zealand now thanks to this amazing hobby of scrapbooking and Project Life.


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