Friday, 13 June 2014

A weekend with " Repurposing my scraps"


Just a super quick post today to show you how I re purposed and used up a scrap piece of paper I had laying about.. 

Now I know it does not sound very exciting at all , but when I saw this little piece of scrap paper on  my desk I just knew I had to use it some how, it looked so pretty, but it was an odd shape scrap...

I have been busily using my watercolours on other projects that I needed for some other assignments, so I was using this scrap paper as I painted over my cut files..

What happened then was that, unbeknown to me I was actually creating another pretty little         " something". 

Once I finished the layout and was cleaning my desk, I only then realised the pretty little scrap piece left over. 

I was thinking I should somehow use it on my layout somehow, but then I became selfish and wanted it for myself somehow..

So I added some let over painted cut files to the top, a new Prima flower and a little bow made from seam binding tape.. I love those little bows!! 

Watercolour bookmark by Bernii Miller

I have also been really keen to try cross stitch on my layouts and had a play around on this to see how it would look.. I like it , but I think it needs more and perhaps in little rosettes .. 

I am thinking I will try this on a canvas next with lots of flowers, watercolour and cross stitch..

 I am going to watch out for more scraps and make little bookmarks like this and keep them as little gifts to give away.. They are so sweet and fast to make and I have already amassed a little collection of different book marks.

Perhaps you too can find little scrap pieces that can also be turned into little treasures that you can gift away to loved ones..

Till next time

Much love 
Bernii xx


  1. Beautiful project. The watercolor turned out so good.

  2. Really, really pretty! The extra detail of the cross-stitch puts this over the top. I will think twice before throwing away a pretty piece of paper. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Such a pretty little project made from scraps! I love these bookmarks!

  4. It looks lovely and the addition of the cross stitching is great!

  5. The stitching adds a great little "something"


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