Friday, 7 March 2014

A weekend with my "Project Life Process"


Well the other day I posted a picture to my Instagram account showing a picture of a really simple green 12 x 12 template I use to layout my Project Life . I had a few comments about what  a great idea it was so I thought I would share with you here also..

Before anything I always get my photos sorted and collage them into the 6 x 4 format using the free Picassa program. I am far from tech savvy and this program was super easy for me to work out how to do this.

It is not spectacular and I am not sure exactly where I saw this, ( But I did see it elsewhere) but I simply marked out on some really old bright green ( I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this colour ha ha ) with the Becky Higgins design A template and a few other design combo's I use. 

Honestly you have no idea how much easier this has made my life . Such a simple thing.

Then all I do is shuffle and play around with the photos until I am happy with the format. 

Then the fun begins..

For this layout I used a Polly! Scrap Kit Project Life kit, which also helps to speed up my process. It is the January "Raspberry Shortcake" kit in case you were wondering :) 

Here are a couple of close ups. 

I find that this process works for me really well as I like to see the "overall" spread right from the start to make sure that the layout is going to work. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that perhaps I have given you food for thought on your process and how to make it faster or simpler for you. 

Till next time 

Much Love 
Bernii xxx


  1. How fabulous!!! I love your process!! Your pages are so fun and full of amazing goodies!

  2. what great way to plan for PL pages, they came out awesome!

  3. What a great way to breathe some life into those PL pages!

  4. I love the template! I am totally adopting this for my PL pages.Your layout is great. I love the photos and fun backgrounds.


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