Thursday, 11 September 2014

A weekend with " Suprise Mini Album" - Throwback Thursday!


Well I have been busy and inspired again this week with continuing my mini album crush!! This time it was with the little older BoBunny Suprise! collection. 
This year my youngest turned 3 and as any mother knows this is a little/big milestone as you no longer officially have a baby in the house. For me it was certainly a time to think about where all those baby years went too!!

So we made quite a fuss for Hunter's birthday and had his very first Kindy party, and we actually moved his birthday a week later. This was because his father works away for long periods of time, and I really believe that it is important celebrate family events altogether. So we kept hush hush on his actually birthday and made a really big deal the following Sunday. I am so glad we waited too till we were altogether as it was that much more special!! 

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

BoBunny has some fantastic new releases this Summer and one of those new items is the fun new Glimmer Spray. I used it for this project to alter the seam binding tape tat I ave attached to the front cover. I used the "Frost" colour and simply sprayed the over the ribbon and allowed it to dry! 

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii MillerHappy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

I needed to add in some more photo real estate also when it came to Hunter's Kindy party, so I altered a BoBunny Misc Me 8 x 9 page protector. I simply cut it up and popped it through the rings ( above picture) . I love doing this to add a little more interest also into the album! 

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

Then I also added some little jump rings to some of the Surprise! Trinkets that had little loops on the top. Like the one in the picture above. This just acts then as a hanging charm. 

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

I also needed a little more picture real estate on this chipboard page, so from the 8x9 Misc Me page protector I also cut off a 3 x 4 sleeve. Then I simply used my tiny attacher and stapled it to the side of the page.  

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

I also went around most of the Noteworthy elements and outlined them with glitter glue, just to add a little more sparkle and dimension. I find that by doing this my pieces do not look so flat. I also went through the album with the new BoBunny Captured stamp set. They are the perfect little stamps to fit in small albums! 

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

Then the last for the last of the album page , I made a bow with coloured seam binding tape and stapled it to the tags Then i glues down a gem to cover the staple. 

Happy Birthday album- By Bernii Miller

I love it when I finally have the right photos to match collections that I have been holding on to for some time. 

I still have papers left over from this collection and actually made a few bright flowers!1 I have a couple of layout ideas in mind so will be playing with that over the next few days :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I love to read your comments.

Till next time 

Much Love 
Bernii xx

BoBunny Suprise!  Patterend Paper: Suprise Twist ; Hooray! : Stripe : You're invited ; Confetti. 
BoBunny Suprise! Chipboard Mini album .
BoBunnny Suprise! Notewworthy diecauts. 
BoBunny Surpise! Buttons. 
BoBunny Suprise! Trinkets
BoBunny Suprise!  Jewels. 
BoBunny Frost Glimmer spray. 
BoBunny - Capture Stamp. 


  1. I can relate to you about your hubby, mine is a truckie and used to be away lots, but he has changed employers and isnt away as much now, but was when the kids were little.. The little album is really lovely, special photos and those papers are perfectly colorful for these happy memories!

    1. Oh Lizzy , it can be such a hard life as a family to try and keep unity when they work away so much!! I am hoping that one day soon Bill will home a little more permanantly. Thank you so much for all your levely comments all the time .. they mean so much to me xox

  2. Bernii, I don't know why I haven't found your blog before but I'm glad I found it now! This is fabulous!

  3. Love the interactive parts of the album!!


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