Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A weekend with " Workspace Wednesday"


It is workspace Wednesday day!! 

Today I am sharing a little of my wood veener collection! I used to store these in tiny drawers ( from the hardware shop) but because I could not see what I had all the time I was never using them.. Although I must admit I do not use this as much as I should now also! 
I need more iseds on how I can use them... perhaps altering them will help..

Till next time 

Much love
Bernii xx


  1. Yes I have just started getting these cute little embellies, so I will be looking for ways to use them too.. they are wonderful for just popping in a cluster.. this is a good way to store them.. I find if they are away in a drawer I forget to use them so keeping them on my table to remind me they are there is a good idea!!

    1. Thanks hun.. I NEED all the help I can get lol.. I think it ths colour too that is stopping me from using them as much, so think I need to alter them more to suit!! xx

  2. Love, love wood veneer bits, can never have enough of these!

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