Monday, 29 September 2014

A weekend with " Week 30 Project Life"


Yikes.. Ok I must confess I am in TOTAL freak out mode over here!! 

I started Project Life at the start of last year.. Everything was going really well bewteen us.. I was keeping up, taking loads of photos and keeping notes, buying all the latest releases from all over the place.. and then BAM!!! My life fell apart personally... 
My marriage took a turn for the worse that I never saw coming ( nor did I ever think it would) and then my Project Life took a complete stand still. For me personally I didn't want to scrapbook the here and now when I knew full well it was too raw and emotional for me to do so!! So instead I kept taking photos, making sure that somehow everyday I was trying to see the good in something around me. As anyone knows going through heartbreak, no matter what blessing you have in your life around you - all you can see at the time is sadness, hopelessness and grey colours. 

That was a over a year ago !!! And I still struggle at times.. 

BUT having Project Life in my life really woke me up to the fact ( slowly mind you- that fog after my marriage was really thick and took me a long time to come through it ) that my life was going on around me weather I chose to take part in it or not.. And I mean REALLY take part in it!! Being present with my children and engaging with them.. Not just sitting there in a slump.. My children needed their mother back and deserved to have me .. 

Project Life funnily enough gave that back to me.. Even though at the time it was painful to see my marriage unravel and even more so have the photographic evidence of that ..
But as mentioned before it has been just over a year since that happened and I am now going back and completing my 2013 PL album. 

YIKES but I am totally running out of time as I would like to try and complete it before the year it  out. I just looked at my calendar and between you and me .. times a tickin.. 

So I am trying to figure out the best way to tackle this dilemma.. For now in my mind I am thinking I will create one spread a week from the 2013 album on top of my 2014 album .. So I am going to have to be super organised as I really do not want to go into 2015 with 2 years uncomplete.. I would have a breakdown at that ha ha .

Ok .. now back to my original post.. ha ha 

I just wanted to share with you all one of those "catch up" spreads from 2013 that I created with the MAMBI Pocket Pages and some MAMBI chips.. 

Project life by Bernii Miller usin MAMBI pocket pages and MAMBI chips.

 Here are some closeups of some of the cards.. 

Project life by Bernii Miller usin MAMBI pocket pages and MAMBI chips.

Project life by Bernii Miller usin MAMBI pocket pages and MAMBI chips.

Project life by Bernii Miller usin MAMBI pocket pages and MAMBI chips.

Project life by Bernii Miller usin MAMBI pocket pages and MAMBI chips.

Well thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that by putting it here on my blog about catching up with last years album , makes me that much more accountable and enthused to get it done... wish me luck lol

Till next time 

Much Love 
Bernii xx


  1. I so love all of the color on this page! Beautifully vibrant.

  2. Oh thanks for sharing about your year.. what a year for you.. and winning masters as well.. I do hope somehow scrapping has been a therapy for you.. I really am in awe of anyone doing PL, as I have not even considered it because it seems like a huge commitment to get done.. but let me encourage you that what you are creating looks wonderful and will be very special to look back on one day.. so keep going, and you will get it done before the end of this year.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!hehe..


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